Wednesday, 22 February 2012

TAW3 Part 3: Philippa Rice, eight bit, Laura Snapes, Old Guard

Philippa Rice
Philippa is the creator of My Cardboard Life, one of the worlds greatest webcomics. She also creates some impressive repeat patterns, which you should probably check out over here...  and here's her Twitter.

eight bit
Eight bit is very good at this game, he's played it a couple of times before, and his results are allways incredible, if you haven't already, I suggest you take a gander at some of these links...

Laura Snapes
Laura is a Music journalist, who writes for the New Musical Express. You should check out her website and twitter, she says some good things...!/laurasnapes

Tom Johnson
Tom is a clever man, who often uses name OldGuard. I used to be able to describe him as a designer, he's way more than that these days. So I will brand him with the new title of 'clever man of the internet'.

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