Monday, 20 February 2012

TAW3 Part 1: Lunge Dolphin, Simon Misra, Edgar (Salle Pierre Lamy)

Lunge Dolphin
I was both surprised and overjoyed to find this revelation in my inbox. If you are unaware of Lunge you are in for a treat, the filmmaker, guru, provocateur and blackbelt (and pilot), has long since become part of my personal Christmas celebrations with his remarkable series of Yule time musical releases. You can follow him on TWITTER and be sure to click play a bunch of times over on his Vimeo .


Simon Misra
Simon is an art maker residing in the Manchester zone of the UK. You can look him up on Twitters and over on his website...

____________________________________________________Edgar (Salle Pierre Lamy)Edgar is a cat, he co-hosts hosts the Salle Pierre Lamy podcast, as well as a spree of short films and musical numbers. The kind of all round entertainer that the word really needs in these troubled times. You can find out more about Salle Pierre Lamy at their website

Here's a pleseant video of him trying to find some glasses and old jazz records..

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