Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Annotated Weekenders 3rd Annual Birthday Celebrations

It's birthday time, and to celebrate I would love to see your annotations.

To take part
Get hold of a copy of the Guardian on Saturday the 18th of February, draw/paint/collage/whatever all over the Weekend Magazine, scan or photograph it and send it to: 

This is all well and good, but I live in a boat, or, more probably, a different country 
If you want to take part, but live outside UK, you can still get involved, why not doodle on the Weekend Magazines website, or take one of the regular characters and put them somewhere unexpected. 

  • Up to three annotations per person, 
  • If you can save them at 500 pixels width, it would really help me out,
  • Try and send them in as soon as you can, I'll be posting them up each day next week, 
Thanks for taking part, here are some of my favourites from last year

Luke Pearson
Lizz Lunney

(undead) 8-bit

Warwick Johnson Cadwell

Philippa Rice

kristyna baczynski

Jonathan Edwards

John Allison

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