Thursday, 23 February 2012

John Allison, Craig Conlan, EatSleepSniff, Craig Collins

John Allison
What can I say about this guy? I suppose I should tell you that he's got a new book out called Murder She Writes, I've read it, it's really good. You can get a copy over HERE. You can of course read his comics online, updated throughout the week, over on


Craig Conlan
Craig is a writer and illustrator of comic books, I suggest you go and have a look on his comic land website, as it's pretty great... He's also on twitter....!/Kraigula

Eat Sleep Sniff
Eat Sleep Sniff makes comics and illustrations, check out the website, here..

Craig Collins
Craig Collins has gone all black / doom metal in his annotations. Turning Woody into a member of Sunn O))). He has a blog right here..

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