Thursday, 22 November 2012


On Saturday I met Gary Bainbridge, what he told me made me very happy. I asked him if he'd email me what he told me, so that I could post it on here, and he (and Louise) did.

"Hello. We're Gary Bainbridge and Louise Gatti and we're Art teachers at the Northumberland Church of England Academy. Recently, we've been looking for ideas for Year 11 homework tasks that are fun, interesting and open to creativity. This particular homework was so fun that we ended up doing it ourselves too!

Inspired by The Annotated Weekender, we asked our students to draw all over magazine pages. We were impressed with the diversity of the results, we saw drawing, collage, painting, cutting and other ideas. When Thought Bubble came around, Gary tracked Joe down to show him the amazing work we'd collected so far. You can see the kids' work, and ours, below."

The NCEA can be found at 
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Anonymous said...

This work is by learners in my year group. Can't tell you just how proud I am right this minute. A huge shout out to Louise and Gary for all they do to inspire and lead.

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