Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Luke Pearson, Dan Berry, Laurie Pink, Mike Harman, Angela Lamb

Luke Pearson
In my opinion, Luke is on of the best at comics and drawing in general. His latest book 'Hilda and the Midnight Giant' is an apsolute joy, i suggest you pick up a copy

Dan Berry
As well as being a really nice guy, Dan is a lecturer and creator of comics. If it were up to me, i'd put this guy in charge. 

Laurie Pink
Laurie is a drawer and owner of whippets, here is her tumblr http://lauriepink.tumblr.com/ and her website... http://www.lauriepink.com/

Mike Harman 
Hats off to Mike, he missed the magazine, but tracked down the images from the guardian website and drew onto them digitally, here are his links...

Angela Lamb

Friday, 24 February 2012

Jonathan Edwards, Lizz Lunney, Lynn Allingham, Chris Davie, Andrew Waugh, Joe List, Timothy Winchester

Jonathan Edwards
Jonathan is an illustrator extreme, please go and check out his work at http://www.jonathan-e.com/ and http://jonathan-e.blogspot.com/. He is also the big boss over on Draw Serge. Check out jonathans 'flamingo' annotation for at least 5 mins of solid laughter.

Lizz Lunney
Lizz is a comic book artist/writer, creator of the depressed cat (featured below). She puts up comics on http://lizzlizz.com/ check out Lizz's work if you want to have a good old chuckle.

Lynn Allingham
Lynn makes Jewelry and also illustrations, you can find her work at... http://tuckshop.biz/ and http://www.etsy.com/shop/Tuckshop

Chris Davie
Is an illustrator and man of computer games over at Lucid Games

Andrew Waugh
Andrew is an illustrator with a website that you can and should visit. Thismeanswaugh.com

I did these, this is my website.

Timothy Winchester
Timothy is the creator of the web-comic People I know which is updated throughout the week, you should go and take a gander. He is on twitter too. 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

John Allison, Craig Conlan, EatSleepSniff, Craig Collins

John Allison
What can I say about this guy? I suppose I should tell you that he's got a new book out called Murder She Writes, I've read it, it's really good. You can get a copy over HERE. You can of course read his comics online, updated throughout the week, over on http://www.scarygoround.com/


Craig Conlan
Craig is a writer and illustrator of comic books, I suggest you go and have a look on his comic land website, as it's pretty great... http://craigscomicland.com/ He's also on twitter.... https://twitter.com/#!/Kraigula

Eat Sleep Sniff
Eat Sleep Sniff makes comics and illustrations, check out the website, here.. www.eatsleepsniff.com

Craig Collins
Craig Collins has gone all black / doom metal in his annotations. Turning Woody into a member of Sunn O))). He has a blog right here.. http://craig-collins.blogspot.com/