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Saturday 30th October plus GUESTS!

This weeks TAW features a load of help from some of the great artists at the MCM expo last weekend. Thanks to all who took part

Lizz does the best comics, they are funny and a force for good in the universe. She recently helped create the Birmingham Zine Festival, one of the best comic shows i've been to (of all time).

Mister Cadwell is teasing us all with his brand new vampire book Blood Blokes, and has just released the last Everyday collection. (which has a comic by me in it) He's also a HELL of a nice guy and likes Vimto.

I am a huge fan of Warwicks work, I greatly anticipate every movement of his pen. I believe his book Gungle is going to be published soon. I'm getting a copy, and so should you.

Marc EllerbyMarc is a lovely man, with a great haircut. He has finished his autobio comic, and can now be seen working on Chloe Noonan. 

I have not seen a bad Luke Pearson drawing and i doubt i ever will. Buy his comics.

A very nice man from Edinburgh, he draws some excellent comics about film theory, a subject which we can always do with knowing more about.