Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Annotated Weekenders 2nd birthday

The Annotated Weekender is two years old next week and i'm once again opening the doors to your annotations. Use whatever medium you want, pens, inks, paint, collage, even computers if you want. 

To take part
Grab a copy of the Guardian on Saturday the 19th of February, draw on the Weekend Magazine, scan/photograph it and email it to theannotatedweekender@googlemail.com 

But I don't live in the UK? 
If you still want to take part, but live outside of the Weekend Magazines reach, then you can still get involved, why not do what i did at christmas and annotate on previous annotations...

Boring restrictions
Up to 3 annotations per person, 
500 pixles width is best, but not entirely essential,
Try and send them in as soon as you can, i'll be posting them up each day next week!
I look forward to seeing your doodles!

Here are some of my favourites from last year:

Jonathan Edwards


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Alyssa Deocampo said...

This is possibly the most adorable and creative internet find I could've ever run into on a sick-at-home Thursday morning.

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