Monday, 21 February 2011

Eight bit, Nathan Dobby, Matt Sheret

The Annotated Weekender is 2. It's a small number sure, but i've been drawing on this magazine every week, without fail. I've taken them on holiday with me, and put up a special one both Christmases when there was no Guardian. To celebrate some kind fellows have drawn up some guest annotaions, which i'll be posting up guest each day this week. 

Eight bit
Now here's a great artist, plus I received his pieces before i'd even bought my Guardian! Eight Bit is a fantastic illustrator, you should go check out his flickr and follow him on the twitter. Oh, he's got a Facebook page too

Nathan Dobby
Nathan builds computer games, he's a brilliant chap. I nearly missed some of what he's done here, so look hard.

Matt Sheret
Matt is kind of a maverick, he works for Last FM, one of the best websites of all, he co-founded We are words and pictures and is driving force behind Paper Science, for more info he's got a website right, about.. HERE

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