Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Philippa Rice, Richard Page, Uberkraaft & Andy Gosling

Philippa Rice/The Juzzard

Philippa is responsible for my cardboard life, which is a great webcomic, if you haven't already seen it make sure to check it out.

Richard Page/Ume Toys

Uberkraaft/Matt Williams


Uberkraafts efforts are tremendous, the Bob Marley one cracked me up.

Andy Gosling

You can check out his work here


bajel said...

ha! the beatles

joe list said...

Shame you couldn't do one mister Bagel. You could always have scrawled on a new york equivalent.

Emma Cowley said...

I might get a sunday mag just to doodle on it now, this looks like awesome fun!

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