Thursday, 25 February 2010

Jonathan Edwards, Me, Lynn Allingham & Marc Ellerby

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards is one of the best drawers I know. His illustrations can usually be found all over the Guardians pages, but he's done some special ones for this blog
. I think you will agree, they are mighty fine.

You should probably buy his comic book too, i did and it's awesome.

Joe List (me)
I did these ones...

Lynn Allingham
Polka Dot Emporium

Lynn is one of my all time favourite people, she runs two jewellery shops on Etsy and also cooks me food sometimes. My favourite ever piece of jewellery she has made is this.

Marc Ellerby

Marc Ellerby stands tall in the UK webcomix scene. He also has extremely good musical taste buds


John A said...


Cadwell said...

All of Jonathan's are genius.

Joe, I like what you did with that lady's knees.

Lynn has tackled the imposing cover and made it brilliant.

Marc, those robots are great!

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